EXCEPTIONAL 3D Executive Team

Mike Egan

President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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As President& CEO based out of the company’s Boca Raton, Florida headquarters, Mike a 16-year veteran in the auto-stereo Glasses-Free 3D industry. Mike is responsible for the vision and global day-to-day operation for the company which has led the company to be the largest provider of Glasses–Free 3D displays in the world.

It is Mike’s personal commitment to commercialize the companies Glasses-Free 3D display technology by making the ease of transition from 2D to 3D simple while making their products a more cost effective alternative to traditional 2D displays and become a mainstream product for the mass market.

Prior to founding Exceptional 3D, Mike previously held several key executive positions at 2 other auto-stereoscopic 3D display companies including being an original member of NewSight’s management team (formerly known as X3D Technologies). During Mike’s career in the auto-stereoscopic display industry Mike has developed a solid base of reseller’s in more than 60 countries and is responsible for bringing the advancement of auto-stereoscopic 3D digital signage solutions to fruition.

Before NewSight, Mike founded Sports Custom Publishing Inc. where he secured multi-year license agreements with MLB, NBA, NASCAR, NHL, USOC and WWF. Mike background was originally in the media industry where he served as the Director of Marketing for Cablevision’s, Fox Sports Net and held several key media sales & marketing positions at Newsday and USA Today during his 18 year career in the publishing industry. Mike earned his BA in Marketing from CW Post and resides in both Boca Raton, Florida and New York.


Dr. Mohamed Mekky

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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As CTO based out of the company’s Cairo Egypt office, Dr. Mekky has over 15 years in the auto-stereo Glasses-Free 3D industry. Dr. Mekky is responsible for the product development of Exceptional 3D products, software and oversees the company’s 3D creative services division.

It is Dr. Mekky’s goal to develop complete solutions that serve virtually all vertical commercial markets while also working to create consumer products such as Glasses- Free 3D Television. Exceptional 3D Moto “Keeping it simple” is what drives Dr. Mekky on his responsibility to make it simple for everyone to use the 3D Glasses-Free technology with full applications and software that support everyone needs.

Prior to joining Exceptional 3D as part owner and CTO of the company, Dr. Mekky held several executive positions at 2 other 3D technology companies in the MENA region. Before his interest in 3D, Dr. Mekky founded “Medalist Technology Solutions” an IT integrated solutions company where he provided customized IT Network Solutions for Media corporations and Educational institutions. Dr. Mekky holds many certificates in computer science and technology related fields and earned his PhD in Computer Science from ACHEN University in Germany, as well as B.S.C in Foreign Trade and International Economics from Egypt.


Sherri Mull

Marketing Director

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Sherri is responsible for planning, development and implementation of all of Exceptional 3D MARCOM efforts and public relations activities, both internally and to support Exceptional 3D Var’s throughout the world.

As accomplished marketing professional Sherri's forward-thinking enthusiastic approach brings a special creative skill set to Exceptional 3D, specializing in direct-marketing, public relations, sales promotion to our Glasses-Free 3D team environment.

Prior to coming onboard to Exceptional 3D, Ms. Mull founded 2 Foodservice Export Companies, served as Marketing Director of Health & Spa Company and is a well accomplished artist and photographer. Sherri earned her Associate’s Degree in Commercial Art from Fort Lauderdale Art Institute.